Sangrita Classico

Discover Sangrita Classico – the iconic drink from Germany with Mexican flair! Since 1965 it inspires with its unique mix of tomato and orange juice, spiced up with fine spices and a touch of lemon. Ice-cold a pure pleasure, as a basis for cool cocktails a real game changer!

But hey, Sangrita Classico doesn’t just rock as a drink. It also adds pizzazz to your cooking – try it in sauces, chilis or dips. And check out the stylish sombrero on each bottle.

Sangrita Classico – Your ticket to the tasty kick with a Mexican touch!

Sangrita Picante

Dive into the spicy world of Sangrita Picante. Straight from Mexico, Sangrita Picante brings you an explosive blend of tomato and fruit juices, enriched with even more spicy spices. This all-rounder not only makes your cocktails a highlight, but also makes your kitchen shake.

Whether for enhancing meat dishes, salads or sauces, or as a kick for tacos or chili con carne – Sangrita Picante is your secret to real Mexican fire. The look of our bottle, featuring a vibrant young woman in a Mexican hat, promises just that: fire, spice and that real Mexico feeling.

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